No sound is coming from the headphones connected to the BlueBAR

  • Please make sure that the BlueBAR is fully charged and powered ON. When the BlueBAR is ON the Power LED indicator will flash blue periodically.
    • Does the LED light flash blue when the power is turned on?
  • Make sure that the volume on your media device and the BlueBAR are loud enough.
    • Do you hear any sound after adjusting volume on both the BlueBar and your media device?
  • Keep your Bluetooth device within 30 feet of the BlueBAR. The maximum Bluetooth range may vary in different environments, or with different mobile devices.
    • Does moving the media device closer to the BlueBAR solve the problem?
  • Try using another pair of headphones in the BlueBAR, also try the included headphones on another device. This will determine if the cause of the issue is the headphones or the BlueBAR.
    • Does another device or another pair of headphones work?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.