• When using the USB drive function of the BlueSYNC STW, make sure all music files are of the .mp3 file type. Other files will not work.
    • Are all files on the memory of the .mp3 type?
  • In order for the music to play from a USB, the .mp3 files must be stored on the "root" of the memory device. This means the music can not be in folders. It must be dragged into the main directory of the memory device.
    • Are all the .mp3 files in the root directory, or does moving them to the root directory enable them to play?
  • Make sure the USB drive being used is formatted. You may need to reformat the current device being used by plugging it into a computer, selecting it's options, and choosing to format the memory device. Be sure to save any files currently on the memory device before formatting as they will be deleted. Also, when formatting if possible, choose the "FAT32" formatting type for best results.
    • Is your memory device formatted or does the memory device work in the BlueSYNC STW after formatting?
  • Lastly, make sure that you have the formatted USB flash drive plugged into the correct USB port located on the left hand side of the speaker's onboard controls.
    • Essentially the USB port NOT located next to the 3.5mm auxillary port