GTV Transmitter not working/pairing


**Remember: the GTV Transmitter must be plugged into its power adapter at all times when in use**

  • Make sure volume on your receiving device is turned up; this cannot be controlled through the GTV Transmitter
  • Does turning the volume up from the source device solve the issue?
  • Try turning off the GTV transmitter and headset then reconnect and re-pair.
  • You will hear 3 BEEPING tones when paired to the transmitter via the headset
  • Does the transmitter transmit audio to your headset now?
  • If you still cannot receive audio, you may be plugging your transmitter into the wrong port on the back of your TV

See the guide below for what ports you can plug into. A reminder that you need to be plugged into an OUTPUT Audio Port, not INPUT.

Imaged above are the different types of audio ports with a brief explanation of each

  • Red: Standard audio out port
  • This is the preferred and easiest port, depending on your TV, to plug in the TRM into
  • Blue: RCA Red and White audio out ports 
  • Requires an RCA splitter
  • Green: Digital Audio Out Optical Port 
  • More and more newer TV's are coming out with this port in which you will require a Digital to Audio Converter 
  • Follow the link here to purchase if one is required

Also too, below you will see an image of an example of the plug in's on the back of a cable box:

  • Green: Audio port
  • Blue: RCA Red and White audio out ports