No Audio from the GTV Headset


  • Please ensure volume on the audio source is turned to 90% of its maximum capacity.
  • Are you able to hear sound now?
  • Please ensure that the volume on the headset is turned up. This can be done by using the volume up and down buttons on the headset located on the right ear cup.
  • When max volume is reached, you will hear a faint beep indicating you cannot go any higher.
  • Try pressing the MUTE button as it may have accidentally been pressed
  • Do you hear audio now?
  • If you are still unable to hear audio when paired to the transmitter, please turn off the transmitter and plug the AUX 3.5mm cable directly into the headset. 
  • Once the AUX cable is plugged into the headset, plug the other end into your smartphone or tablet
  • If you still do not hear audio, please contact our Customer Service team at for further assistance
  • If you do hear audio from your headset when directly plugged in, then the unit is in working order. 
  • Go to 'GTV Transmitter not working/pairing' for further steps on how to get the headset to stream audio.