CRYOGEN 3 Laptop Cooling Stand Not Turning On

  • To power on the Cryogen 3 Laptop Cooling Stand, please plug one end of the included USB cable into one of the USB ports on the cooling stand, and the other end of the cable into a USB port on your laptop. Press the power button firmly to turn ON/OFF
    • Does the cooling stand power on?
  •   If you're still not receiving power, try plugging the USB cable into the other USB port on the cooling stand.
    • Does it power on now?
  •   Should the stand still remain powerless, please try plugging the USB end in your laptop into a different USB port.
    • Does the cooling stand turn on?
  •   If the cooling stand is still not turning on, please try plugging the stand into a different computer or even a USB Powered Wall Adapter.
    • Does the stand turn on now?