ENHANCE Theorem 2 MMO mouse buttons not working


  • There are a many different buttons on the ENHANCE Theorem 2 Gaming Mouse. They include DPI up and down buttons in the center of the mouse which will adjust how sensitive the mouse is to movement as well as back and forward buttons on the side of the mouse.
    • When clicking the DPI buttons, does your mouse become more or less sensitive to movement?
    • Do the LED DPI Indicators change?
  • If you press the back and forward or Quick Fire buttons and they are not working, they may not be programmed for the game you're using or have no effect.
    • Try different games or internet browsers for the back and forward buttons, do they work now?
  • The 12 programmable buttons require the Enhance Theorem 2 mouse software to be installed in order to be customized. 
    • Remember, the mouse can store up to 5 profiles. Each profile can contain unique presets as selected in the software and saved to the mouse. To change profiles, press the small button located within the product label on the button of the mouse.