Volume of the SonaVERSE Sense is low or there is no sound


  • Please make sure that the 3.5mm audio cable is properly connected to your media device's headphone port. There are two attached cables, one is for microphone and one is for headphone (audio). Make sure you're plugging the cable with the headphone icon into the headphone port. Also, make sure the USB cable is plugged into a USB port for power.
    • Does this solve the problem?
  • Please make sure to adjust volume on your media device as well as on the SonaVERSE Sense. To adjust volume on the SonaVERSE Sense, turn the volume control wheel clockwise to increase volume and counter-clockwise to decrease volume.
    • Does changing the volume on the speaker or the connected media device allow you to hear the sound?
  • Try listening to different music files or different audio types.
    • Is the volume low or non existent on every audio file played, or only some?
  • Lastly, please try the speaker with another media device. If possible try another computer, or you can use an AC USB adapter from a Smartphone to power the speakers, and then plug the 3.5 jack into a computer, tablet, smartphone, or mp3 player.
    • Does the speaker work when plugged into another media source?