Sound from the Enhance Attack Soundbar is distorted


  • It is recommended that the Enhance Attack soundbar is "broken in" for 8 hours by playing audio through the speaker. Best sound is achieved after break in.
    • Is the sound after the speaker better after the break in period?
  • Many times the quality of your MP3, WAV, MIDI, WMV, MP4 or other music file can affect the quality of the sound being produced. Please make sure that your music file is to the quality expected.
    • Are all songs being listened to distorted with static or only some of them?
  • Please make sure that your MP3 file size and quality are to your expectations. Sometimes a small file will distort at high volume. Using high quality MP3 files that are larger in size will provide better sound quality.
    • Does playing different file sizes yield different results?
  • Please try turning the volume down on your computer, and then on the Enhance Attack Soundbar until there is no more distortion.
    • Keep your audio device at 80-90% volume for best sound transmission 
    • Does slightly turning down the volume solve the problem?
  • Have you ensured that the AUX cable is correctly plugged in all the way on both your soundbar and media device? A loose connection can cause volume to be low/distorted