BlueVIBE TWS is not taking a charge?

·         Please connect the included Micro USB cable to the micro USB charging port on the back of the TWS charging case. The charging case should be charged for approximately 2-3 hours and earbuds should charge in case for at least 1 hour. While receiving power from the cable the LED indicator will show red for charging and will turn off when fully charged.
o    When the charging cable is inserted into the headset, is the indicator light illuminated red?
·         If the ear buds do not charge when in the charging case, please open and close lid, making sure to click the lid all the way down. The indicator lights on the ear buds will illuminate red inside of the case while charging and will turn off when charging is complete.
o    Do the ear buds charge now?
·         If the light is not coming on, please try plugging the charging cable into a different USB port, or a different AC USB adapter.
o    Does the indicator light come on now?
·         If the ear buds are still not charging, please try using a different Micro USB charging cable if you have one available.
o    Does using a different Micro USB cable allow the headset to start charging?
·         Sometimes the battery may be dead that a charge isn't registered right away, please try leaving the TWS ear buds in the charging case, plugged in to charge overnight.
o    Did the headset receive a charge when left plugged in overnight?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.