Enhance PowerUP LED Pad and Mouse Connectivity Issues


Each cable will have a flag attached that indicates which cable belongs to the mouse and LED Charging Pad.  If you are experiencing issues where your mouse pad will not stay powered-on, check to see which cable you have attached. If you no longer have the flags attached to the cable, the easiest way to tell the two cables apart is by the color. The mouse USB cable is colored gold and has a notch that locks the USB into place while the cable for the LED mouse pad is colored silver and features a smooth surface with no notch.
  • If you have the mouse wirelessly connected to your computer, make sure that the wireless receiver is connected into a working USB Port and the computer has detected the receiver.
  • Make sure the mouse is connected to an operational USB 2.0 port while the computer is already running
    • Try more than one port.
    • Does the mouse work in any other USB ports?
  • Try unplugging the mouse and LED, wait a few seconds and then reinsert.
    • Does this solve the problem?