Sound coming from speaker is distorted or has static

  1. Many times the quality of your MP3, WAV, MIDI, WMV, MP4 or other music file can affect the quality of the sound being produced. Please make sure that your music file is to the quality expected.
    1. Are all songs being listened to distorted with static or only some of them?
  2. Try lowering the volume on the audio device connected to the speakers turning the volume up. 
    1. Does lowering the volume on the connected device and controlling volume with the knob solve the problem?
  3. In certain cases, if the bass is turned up too high it can distort the sound of the speakers. Use the Bass / Equalizer knob to lower the bass level.
    1. Does lowering the bass solve the problem?
  4. Keep the Enhance 2.1 Speakers at 80-90% volume for best sound transmission.
  5. Allow 8 hours of playtime for speaker wear-in for best sound.
    1. Are you able to hear clean and crisp audio now?