There is no sound or the ENHANCE 2.1 Speakers are not powering on

  1. Please make sure the 2.1 Speakers are properly connected to power, try plugging the speaker into a different outlet.
    1. Does changing outlets power on the speakers?
  2. Make sure that the power is ON by pressing the power switch located on the side of the system to the ON position.
    1. Does toggling the switch make the speakers come on?
  3. Verify all the cables are securely plugged into the correct inputs.
    1. Does sound come from the speakers now?
  4. Try plugging a different media device into the speakers.
    1. Do the speakers work with the alternate media device?
  5. If the blue lights are on when the switch is toggled, please try turning the volume knob
    1. Please locate the light switch on the back of the speaker.
  6. If the knob is turned, can you hear any sound?