Setting Up the Enhance 2.1 Speakers

  1. Connect the AC cable to the AC adapter and then to the Subwoofer's bottom most port (DC 15V)
    1. Please ensure that it is properly connected as if even just slightly loose could cause power/audio issues
  2. Connect the AC adapter to an AC outlet to power on.
    1.  Attempt several outlets to ensure that you are able to get power/audio.
  3. Connect the satellite speakers to the L and R satellite outputs
    1. Make sure to FULLY INSERT the 3.5mm plug to ensure sound and lighting functions properly. 
  4. Connect to the RCA to 3.5mm cable to its RCA input (RED and WHITE).
    1. NOTE: This speaker system is optimized for use with desktop and laptop computer systems ONLY. Mobile phones and other cellular devices can cause interference with audio output. If using this speaker system with or near mobile phones or other cellular devices, connect the respective device to a WiFi network for best speaker system performance.
    2. If using on a PC or Laptop and you are not able to hear audio, then please test with a mobile device to see if you are able to hear music from there when connected to the 3.5mm to RCA.
  5. Lastly, please ensure that both the BASS and VOLUME knobs are turned to the direction of the + (-VOLUME+). 
    1. Please ensure your PC/Lapotp's volume is all the way up and not muted.