To enter into pairing mode, use the source button on the remote to cycle through the audio modes. The source button is the top middle button on the remote and the bottom left button on the tower.

You will then be able to cycle through the following modes:
  1. bb (Bluetooth mode)
  2. FM Mode
  3. AUX Mode
  4. -- (USB Mode 32gb MAX) 
Once in bluetooth mode, from your Bluetooth enabled device, search for pairable devices and select the BlueSYNC STW for pairing when it shows up in the Bluetooth list.

If prompted for to enter a pin on your device, enter "0000"

Once connected to the speaker, your device will inform the connection to the BlueSYNC STW is complete. You will know this when you hear a 'bloop" sound. This indicates also that you have successfully paired to the STW Speaker Tower.

Still not able to connect? Try manually placing the speaker into pairing mode by pressing and holding the play/pause button on top of the speaker. You will see the blue LED light flash rapidly in which will place the speaker in a searchable state for ALL devices. Once in a manual pairing mode, you should see the BlueSYNC STW in your device's bluetooth list which you can now connect and use to rock out to all your favorite jams!