Devices connected to the ReVIVE PowerUP DC are not charging

  • Make sure that the device being charged is inserted into the correct port. "A" port is for smaller devices such as small tablets, smart phones, and eReaders. The "B" port is for larger tablets and more power intensive devices.
    • Have both ports been tried, is your device connected to the correct port?
  • If you are using two power intensive devices such as tablets or large smart phones at the same time, please try to charge them separately.
    • Does charging the devices separately work?
  • Please make sure that the OEM cable you are using is in good condition and working properly.
    • Does the cable work when plugged into a different USB port, is there any damage to the cord?
  • Try using a different USB cord if one is available.
    • Does using a different USB cable solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.