Volume of the SonaVERSE UB2 is low or there is no sound

Please note to keep your audio device at 80-90% volume for best sound transmission. Also too, allow up to 8 hours of playtime for speaker to wear-in for best sound.
  • Please make sure that the 3.5mm audio cable is properly connected to your computer’s headphone or speaker port. Make sure that your computer’s head phone volume is enabled and not muted.
    • Does this solve the problem?
  • Please make sure to adjust volume on your computer as well as on the SonaVERSE UB2. To adjust volume on the SonaVERSE UB2, roll the volume control to the right of the speaker to increase volume or to the left to decrease volume.
    • Does changing the volume on the SonaVERSE UB2 or the computer allow you to hear the sound?
  • Try listening to different music files or different audio types.
    • Is the volume low or non existent on every audio file played, or only some?
    • The UB2 has a headphone port to bypass the speakers. Are you able to hear audio from there?
  • Lastly, next to the headphone port is an AUX port to connect to a media device such as a phone or tablet. Connect a media device and play music from there to see of the speaker received audio.
    • Are you able to hear audio via your media device?

Please call Customer Support at 1.866.796.7324 should the issue persist.