Pairing to the BlueSYNC BBR

Pairing a Bluetooth device to the BlueSYNC BBR:
  1. The speaker will go in pair mode automatically when turning on the speaker using the volume knob.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth device to be paired is within at least 3 feet of the speaker when trying to pair.
  3. With the BlueSYNC BBR  in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth settings in your Bluetooth enabled device and select SEARCH/SCAN FOR DEVICES. The device will begin to search for a Bluetooth signal.
  4. The name “GG-BLUESYNC-BBR” will appear in the device list. Select it to pair, and if a password or PIN is needed enter the numbers “0000”. If needed, select “GG-BLUESYNC-BBR” and press “CONNECT”.
  5.  When successful, your Bluetooth enabled device will indicate that it is connected to the BlueSYNC BBR.
  6. Select your desired media to be heard, press play, and enjoy!
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.