What is a 5.1 sound card?

A 5.1 sound card is a non-standard sound card equipped in some machines by default, but most notably found in PC’s that are built by the intended user. It is a special card that allows a 5.1 audio output method.
If you are unsure if your sound card is 5.1 equipped, please do the following:
  • Right click the speaker icon on the bottom right of the windows task bar.
  • Select the ‘Recording’ option.
  • Left click the option in this menu that has a picture of a chip board and possibly says ‘High Definition Audio’
  • Select ‘Properties’ on the bottom right.
  • Select ‘Properties’ under ‘Controller Information’ in the new window.
  • Select the ‘Details’ tab.
  • From the ‘Property’ drop-down menu,
  • Select ‘Lower Logo Version’ in the drop-down menu.
If your soundcard is 5.1 enabled, you will see ‘5.1’ in the value field beneath the drop-down window.