Pre-recording setup for Windows®

ENHANCE® USB Condenser Microphone
Pre-recording setup for Windows®
To ensure the computer is configured to capture audio from the microphone, please follow these steps:
1. If you have not already, plug the microphone into your computer’s USB port. Allow the drivers to fully install. This may take a few minutes. You should be notified once the installation is complete.
 2. From your Desktop, right click the icon of a Speaker located on the bottom right of the task bar:
3. Select ‘ Recording Devices ’ from the menu.

4. In the Recording tab, please ensure that the Microphone, as shown below, is selected with a check mark:
5. Click on the Microphone and select ‘ Properties ’.
6. Click on the ‘ Levels ’ tab.

7. Please ensure that the Microphone setting is greater than ‘ 0 ’:
8. Select ‘ Ok ’ to save settings.