A low hum is coming from the SonaVERSE BX

The SoanVERSE BX is If your SonaVERSE BX is producing a low hum, please make sure that the include battery is inside of the unit.
  • If the battery is already inside the SonaVERSE BX, please make sure the battery is inserted correctly. Try removing the battery then putting it back in with the positive terminals closest to the ground.
    • Does removing the battery and reinserting with correct polarity allow the speaker to play without the hum?
  • If a hum is still being experienced, please try unplugging the included 3.5mm. Please wipe clean with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Please reinsert the 3.5mm AUX making sure that the connection is firm.
    • Does cleaning and reconnecting the 3.5mm AUX resolve the issue?
  • Try listening to different music files or different audio types.
    • Is the volume low or non existent on every audio file played, or only some?
  • You can also try different media sources, i.e, please try a different media device, memory card, or flash drive.
    • Does using a different media source solve the problem?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.