Microphone is not Functioning

The Scoria headset provides the option to use additional software for personalized sound preferences. If you are using the additional software please try the following steps to un-mute the mic.
Open the software and select the microphone panel. Next to the sensitivity adjustment slider there should be a clickable button to toggle mic mute. Please click this button and then try using the inline controls to mute and un-mute the mic.
  • Does changing this setting in the software allow the mic to be muted or unmuted?
If this does not resolve the issue, please locate the headset in the recording devices panel of your computers sound settings. Click the mute/un-mute button next to the headset. Then try muting and un-muting the mic from the inline controls.
  • Does changing this setting in your computers settings allow the mic to be muted or un-muted?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.