Headsets are not holding a charge

  • The headsets can be charged with the included USB charging cables and AC adapter. Please ensure that all connections are secure by unplugging the cables between the AC adapter, and the headsets and plugging them back in.
    • Do the headsets charge now?
  • The headsets charge with included micro USB cables. If possible, please try additional micro USB cables with the included A/C adapter.
    • Are the headsets accepting a charge with the alternate cables?
  • Please try plugging the charging cables directly into a computer, or an alternate USB to A/C adapter.
    • Does changing the USB to A/C adapter allow the headsets to charge?
  • Please try multiple outlets with the A/C adapter.
    • Does another outlet allow the headsets to charge?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.