Microphone on the ENHANCE GX-H3 Gaming Headset is not working.

  • If the microphone is not working on the ENHANCE GX-H3 Gaming Headset, please make sure 3.5mm microphone plug into your computer’s microphone jack.
    • If you remove the microphone and plug it back in, does it work?
  • Should the microphone still not work, please double check that the game or application you are using supports microphone use. Some applications or games may require a specific key press to activate the microphone.
    • Does the application or game being used support microphones and are you using the appropriate key press if one is required to activate the microphone function?
  • Please check the settings of your computer and in game or in application settings to make sure the microphone is activated.
    • Is the microphone activated in the computer, application, or game settings?
  • Try plugging the headset into a different 3.5mm microphone plug in on the computer.
    • Does the microphone work now?
  • Please try the headset with a different computer if the microphone is still not working.
    • Does the headset work with a different computer?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.