SonaVERSE GS3 does not power on / play audio

  • Please make sure that USB power cable is connected to a functional powered USB port. Once plugged into power, please plug the attached 3.5mm aux cable into a headphone jack for sound and start the audio from the audio source.
    • Do you hear audio from the speaker?
  • Try the SonaVERSE GS3 in different USB ports, also try a AC USB adapter if you have one. 
    • Does plugging the speakers into a different USB port or AC USB adapter power them on?
  • Make sure the volume on the audio source is turned up. Please also make sure to adjust the volume wheel on the in line speaker volume control module attached to the GS3.
    • Do you hear audio now?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.