MoodBRIGHT FLH flashlight no power

  • Before first use, make sure you have plugged the base of the FLH into power, that the power switch on the bottom is turned from OFF to ON, and that the flashlight stick has been placed on the charging base for two hours to charge.
    • Have you charged the FLH flashlight stick?
  • To power on the flashlight stick, remove it from the FLH base.
    • Do you see three LED's power on from the bottom of the FLH flashlight stick?
  • If the flashlight stick appears to not be taking charge, please unplug the base from the USB power it is plugged into, and try plugging into a different USB power source for two hours.
    • Will the flashlight stick come on now?
If the troubleshooting above does not solve your problem, please contact customer support.