There is no sound or the BassPULSE is not powering on

  • Please make sure the BassPULSE is properly connected to power, try plugging the speaker into a different outlet.
    • Does changing outlets power on the speakers?
  • Make sure that the power is ON by pressing the power switch located on the back of the system to the ON position.
    • Does toggling the swtich make the speakers come on?
  • If the blue lights are on when the swtich is toggled, please try turning the volume knob.
    • If the knob is turned can you hear any sound?
  • Verify all the cables are securely plugged into the correct inputs.
    • Does sound come from the speakers now?
  • Try plugging a different media device into the speakers.
    • Do the speakers work with the alternate media device?
  • Try plugging the satellite speakers into the media device. Please note the LED lights will not turn on.
    • Does audio play from both speakers?