Battery grip is not providing power to the camera

  • Verify a proper connection by carefully repeating the instructions for attaching the battery grip to your camera. Completely remove the battery grip from your camera, and then reattach it. Please keep in mind that you must tighten the attachment wheel firmly.
    • Does the battery grip power the camera after removing and then reinserting it?
  • Check to make sure that the batteries have been properly inserted, if you are using AA rechargeable batteries, please make sure that all "+" and "-" signs are aligned correctly.
    • Are the batteries inserted into the grip with the correct polarity?
  • Make sure that the batteries you’ve inserted have a charge and are not dead, try to recharge them overnight.
    • Are the batteries fully charged, does putting them back into a charger solve the problem?
  • Double check that the power to your camera is ON.
    • Does pressing the power button on the camera turn it on?

 Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.