USB pass through on ENHANCE GX-C1 not working

  • The ENHANCE GX-C1 cooling stand has a USB pass through feature. While the cooling stand is plugged into your laptop, you can use the remaining USB port on the stand for peripheral USB devices such as mice, extra keyboards, or flash drives. 
    • If you plug a USB device into the other USB port on the stand, does the pass through feature work?
  • If the plugged in USB device is not being recognized by your laptop, please try a different USB device.
    • Does a different USB device work?
  • If the USB device is still not being read, try unplugging the USB end from the laptop and inserting it into a different USB port.
    • Is the USB device read now?
  • Please note, the pass through will not work to charge USB devices such as smart phones or tablets.

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.