Radio function of Restore VTL is not working

Before using the radio function of the Restore VTL, make sure the internal battery has been fully charged. The Restore VTL can receive a full charge to it's 2000mAh battery in 4 hours when plugged into USB power.
  • Once fully charged, slide the power switch on the Restore VTL from OFF to FM. When in FM mode, the LED will glow green.
    • When switched to FM mode, does the LED glow green and do you hear FM radio broadcasts?
  • If you do not hear a FM broadcast right away, press the  (>>|) button to scan up on the FM band or press (|<<) to scan down on the FM band. When searching for a station, the Restore VTL will search until an available station is found.
    • When scanning for a radio station, is the VTL able to locate a FM radio station?
  • If a station can still not be found, you may be in a bad area for the small antenna on the Restore VTL. Try using the Restore VTL in many different locations.
    • Do you receive better FM reception in a different area?
If the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem, please contact customer support.