Customer is having problems using controls

  • Please make sure that the AudioACTIVE is fully charged by connecting it to power for 8 hours. This can "wake up" the internal battery if there is any power issue affecting the controls.
    • Does a full charge fix the issue?
  • If not, try unparing, and re-pairing the AudioACTIVE with your Bluetooth enabled device or a difference device.
    • Do the controls work now?
  • Please make sure that your Bluetooth enabled device is within 30 ft. of the AudioACTIVE when using the control features.
    • Does moving closer to the Bluetooth enabled device solve the issue?
  • If this does not help, please make sure that you are properly engaging the controls. The unique ROCKER control allows for FORWARD / BACK / VOLUME UP / VOLUME DOWN to be controlled by rolling the ROCKER back and forth. For PAUSE / PLAY / POWER you must push directly down on the ROCKER.
    • Will rolling the rockers back and forth and pressing the buttons work?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.