The AudioACTIVE will not charge

  • While using the supplied AC to USB power adapter, verify that the red light indicator is on when connected to the AC wall outlet.
    • When the adapter is plugged in is the light on?
  • When the AudioACTIVE is connected to power the LED light on the headset will be illuminated.
    • Do you see a light on when the headset is connected to power?
  • Should the LED not be illuminated, please make sure that there is a tight connection between the USB cable and the charging port on the AudioACTIVE, aslo try using a different AC USB adapter or a different USB port. 
    • When plugged into a different adapter or USB port does the headset's LED light come on?
  • If the port being used is verified to be good, connect the AudioACTIVE to a powered USB port for charging, and leave it OVERNIGHT. Sometimes the battery inside of the AudioACTIVE just needs to be "woken up" a little by extensive charging.
    • Does leaving the headset plugged in over night get it to charge?
  • Press and hold the power button to see if the LED power indicators on the AudioACTIVE power on.
    • Does pressing and holding the power button make it come on after an overnight charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.