How to pair a device to the AudioACTIVE

Pairing your device to the AudioACTIVE:
If the headset is on, press and hold the power button until the light flashes red to turn it off.

1. From the off position, press and hold down the power button.
2. After four second a blue light will flash, continue to hold down the power button until it flashes blue and red repeatedly.
3. With the light flashing blue and red, the headset is now in pairing mode.
4. From your cell phone / mp3 player, go to bluetooth settings and turn on bluetooth.
5. While in the settings menu with bluetooth turned on select an option that allows you to scan for devices.
6. Your device should locate the headset named AudioACTIVE.
7. Click on AudioACTIVE to pair, if a password is asked for enter "0000".
8. Once pairing is complete your device will say "connected".
9. When the headset is connected to your device, press play and enjoy your music!

Were you able to pair the headset to your device after following these steps?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.