The BlueSYNC RGD is not charging


  • When the BlueSYNC RGD is plugged in to charge, the LED light will illuminate red.
    • Is the LED illuminated red when the USB charging cable is plugged in?
  • Charge the BlueSYNC RGD to full, charging should take 2 hours and the red LED will turn off when the battery is full.
    • Does the LED turn off after about 2 hours of charging
  • The BlueSYNC RGD uses a Micro USB cable for charging. If the speaker does not appear to be charging, please try the USB cable in a different USB port or different AC to USB adapter.
    • Does the speaker start to charge if a different USB port or adapter is used?
  • If the speaker is still not charging when plugged in and after trying a different USB port or adapter, please try using a different Micro USB cable if one is available.
    • Does trying a different Micro USB cable allow the speaker to charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.