BlueSYNC BXL is not charging

Charging the BlueSYNC BXL:

The charging light on the speaker is located in a small hole on the side of the speaker, right below the Mini USB port.

This light may be hard to see because it is so small, please see the picture above. Is this where you're looking?

  • The light should glow red when the speaker is plugged in and charging, with the battery inserted into the speaker.
    • When the Mini USB cable is plugged into the speaker, is the LED illuminated?
  • If the speaker is not charging, please try plugging the USB cable into a different USB power source.
    • Does the speaker charge now?
  • If the speaker is still not charging, please try using a different Mini USB cable if you have one available.
    • Will the speaker charge now?
If the troubleshooting above does not solve your problem, please contact customer service.