Charging FlexSMART X5 control head

  • The control head of the FlexSMART X5 has a built in rechargeable battery. This allow the control head to be detached from the flexible neck so that the control head can be clipped to a visor. When the control head is attached to the flexible neck, it should be charging.
    • Do you see a battery symbol on the LCD screen when the control head is attached?
  • The control head charges with the included Micro USB cable as well as when it is attached to the control head. When with the Micro USB cable, the battery icon will be illuminated and blink.
    • Does the control head appear to take a charge when the Micro USB cable is inserted?
  • If the control head is not taking a charge, please try using another Micro USB cable.
    • Does the control head take a charge when a different cable is used?
If the troubleshooting above does not help, please contact customer service.