USB port on the FlexSmart X5 is not charging devices

  • The USB port on the FlexSMART X5 outputs at a maximum of 1 amp. Devices which require a higher amperage rating will only take a trickle (slow) charge, or will not charge at all.
    • What device are you trying to charge with the FlexSMART X5?
  • Make sure there is power flowing to the FlexSMART X5, press the power button on the DC barrel, when power is on, the LED ring will be blue.
    • Is the LED ring on?
  • Please disconnect and re-connect the USB charging cable that is being used to charge. Remove the cable from the FlexSMART X5 and ther device to be charged.
    • Does the device accept a charge now?
  • Try a different USB cable if one is available, or try charging a different device.
    • Does a different device take a charge, or does the same device charge with a different cable?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.