No sound when using BlueGATE RCV HD

  • Please make sure that the volume is at an audible level on both the Bluetooth audio device and on the sound system. Audio is independently controlled by each device.
    • Does changing the volume on the audio output and Bluetooth enabled device solve the issue?
  • Check the sound system settings to ensure the appropriate source setting has been selected. The source will depend on whether you are using the yellow Coaxial, the 3.5mm Line Out, or the Optical.
    • Did you try changing the audio source?
  • Please check the Bluetooth enabled device output settings. It should indicate that it is providing Bluetooth audio.
    • Does your Bluetooth enabled device indicate that Bluetooth is being used?
  • Be sure the BlueGATE RCV HD is securely connected into the Coaxial, the 3.5mm Line Out, or the Optical sound system you have it plugged into, remove and plug back in.
    • Does removing the plug and then plugged back in securely solve the problem?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.