What is NFC technology:
NFC or, Near Field Communication, is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players.
Bluetooth devices that are NFC enabled will allow a user to wave the Smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player over an NFC compatible device to send information without needing to touch the devices together or go through multiple steps setting up a connection.
For example, GOgroove speakers utilizing NFC technology can be connected to an NFC enabled tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player by simply waving or tapping near the NFC logo on the GOgroove product.
Initial Bluetooth pairing with the device must still be completed. Once the Bluetooth enabled device recognizes the NFC enabled GOgroove speaker as a paired device, future connections to the GOgroove speaker will only require a tap or wave on the designated NFC spot of the speaker to connect.
Please note, our GOgroove products with NFC technology can only connect via NFC with other NFC enabled devices. All other Bluetooth devices without NFC must follow normal Bluetooth pairing and connected procedures.
Connecting to a GOgroove product with NFC technology:
  1. Make sure the NFC function is enabled on the Bluetooth device to be paired to the Gogroove product.
  2. Turn on the GOgroove product and pair your Bluetooth enabled device to it. (Consult product manual for pairing procedure).
  3. Once your NFC Bluetooth enabled device recognizes the GOgroove product as a paired device, you can utilize the NFC technology.
  4. After initial pairing, the next time you wish to connect to the NFC enabled GOgroove product, simply tap or wave your NFC enabled Bluetooth device over the NFC logo on the GOgroove product. Make sure the GOgroove product is powered on and that the NFC function is enabled on your Bluetooth device.
  5. Your Bluetooth enabled device will ask if you wish to connect, please confirm the connection.
If you have any further questions related to NFC technology, please contact customer support.