Apple Bluetooth Troubles

It has come to our attention that Bluetooth issues arise after updates to Apple's iOS operating system. The symptoms include but are not limited to being able to pair to a Bluetooth device, Automatic Pairing not working, and poor Bluetooth connection quality. These symptoms have appeared on Apple Smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players with Bluetooth. 
Most notably these issues have occurred with each major iOS update since version 5.1.1 and have been experienced by Apple users while operating many different Bluetooth products. These issues appear to be limited to Apple iOS, the same issues have yet to be experienced by users of other devices.
If you can’t use a Bluetooth accessory or car kit:
You might need to follow a few extra steps to use your iPhone or iPad with a Bluetooth accessory, like a car kit or headset.
If you updated to the latest iOS, have iCloud turned on, and are using Bluetooth, you might experience these symptoms:
  • Can’t connect to a Bluetooth accessory, like a car kit, car stereo, or headset
  • Can’t make or receive phone calls when you’re connected to Bluetooth
  • Can’t hear sound clearly when you’re on a call with Bluetooth
To resolve the issue, you'll need to first sign in to iCloud and review your devices:
  1. Sign in to iCloud on your iOS devices.
  2. On one of your devices, tap Settings > Bluetooth and look under My Devices. You'll see all devices that are connected to Bluetooth, but make sure that you see your Apple devices that are signed in to iCloud and are using the latest iOS.
  3. Sign out of your iCloud account from any devices that you don't want to use. To sign out of iCloud on an iOS device, tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out.


Then, remove any inactive devices from iCloud:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Find My iPhone.
  3. Select any devices that aren't active anymore.
  4. Wait for Find My iPhone to stop trying to find the inactive device.
  5. You should see the option to remove this device from your account. Select it to remove the device.


After following the steps above, restart device with the issue. Then try to use it with your Bluetooth accessory.