Charigng a USB device with the ENHANCE Weather Radio

  • To charge a USB device with the ENHANCE Weather Radio you will need to supply you own charging cable. please note, the internal battery of the ENHANCE Weather Radio will not be charging your device, charging is accomplished by rotating the hand crank. Plug you device into the USB port on the front of the weather radio and begin to crank.
    • Does your device being charging when you start cranking?
  • Please keep in mind, the output of the USB port is 5 volts at 0.5 amps. You will not be able to charge a tablet but you should be able to charge a phone. If your device is not charging, please try another USB cable if you have one available.
    • Does a different cable allow charging to begin?
  • If the connected device is still not charging, please try charging a different device.
    • Are you able to charge any other devices with the crank charge feature of the Weather Radio?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.