No power to the ENHANCE Weather Radio

  • The ENHANCE Weather Radio can receive power from it's internal battery or from two AA batteries. When you wish to use the internal battery, make sure you have charged the radio for 3.5 hours and that the power mode button is pressed in. To turn the radio on, turn the volume button clockwise.
    • Does the ENHANCE Weather Radio turn on when the power mode button is pressed in for internal power?
  • If the speaker does not come on, please try charging it over night.
    • Does the radio work on internal power now?
  • To use the ENHANCE Weather Radio on AA battery power, make sure fresh AA batteries are inserted into the batter compartment with the correct polarity. The power mode button on the radio must not be pressed in, it needs to be in the out position. Turn the volume button clockwise to power on the radio.
    • Does the Weather Radio power on?
  • If no power is received, try replacing the batteries.
    • Does the radio come on now?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.