ENHANCE Weather Radio is not charging

  • There is not a charging indicator on the ENHANCE Weather Radio, it should be plugged in for 3.5 hours to receive a 100% charge to it's internal battery. Once it is fully charged, try turning it on. Make sure the power selector next to the volume wheel is pushed in so that the radio is running off of the internal battery and not the AA battery function.
    • Does the radio turn on?
  • If the radio did not appear to charge, plug it into a different USB outlet, you can use a AC to USB adapter or a computer USB port.
    • Does the radio turn on after being charged in a different USB port?
  • If the ENHANCE Weather Radio still does not appear to be taking a charge, try using the hand crank on the side of the radio. One minute of turning the crank should provide 10 minutes of power to the radio.
    • Does the ENHANCE Weather Radio turn on after using the hand crank to charge it?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.