The BlueSYNC SPB is not charging


  • When the BlueSYNC SPB is plugged in to charge with the included Mini USB cable, the LED indicator will glow red.
    • Does the LED indicator glow red when the USB charging cable is plugged in?
  • Make sure that both ends of the Mini USB cable are securely connected into the power port and into the BlueSYNC SPB.
    • Remove the cable from the power source and BlueSYNC SPB, then reinsert. Does this solve the problem?
  • Try plugging the Mini USB cable into different USB ports.
    • Will the BlueSYNC SPB start charging if the cable is inserted into a different USB port?
  • If one is available, try using a different Mini USB cable.
    • Does the BlueSYNC SPB start charging now?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.