Button functions on BlueGATE RMT are not working

  • The BlueGATE RMT has many buttons and functions. Some buttons and functions may work differently depending on the device which it is paired to, or may not work at all. When paired to the BlueGATE RMT, make sure the control switch on the side of the remote is toggled to the correct operating system. For Apple the switch should be on "i" and for Android the switch should be on "A".
    • Is the control switch on the side of the remote toggled to the correct position?
  • With the toggle switch in the correct position, the functions and buttons on the remote should function as expected.
    • Is the remote operating in the manner you are expecting?
Please see below for a graph of what each button does depending on the operating system the remote is paired to.
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.