BlueGATE RMT is not powering on

  • To power on the BlueGATE RMT, toggle the power switch on the left side of the remote from OFF, to ON. When the remote is on, the LED on the front will flash red once.
    • Does the remote power on when the switch is toggled?
  • If the remote does not power on, make sure a AAA battery has been inserted into the remote. Remove the battery cover by sliding downwards on the back of the remote.
    • Was there a AAA battery inserted into the remote?
  • Make sure the battery is inserted with the correct polarity. The flat side of the battery should be touching the spring.
    • Is the battery inserted correctly?
  • If the remote is still not powering on, please try replacing the battery.
    • Does the remote power on with a new battery?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.