USB's plugged into ReVIVE PowerUP NG6 are not charging

  • The ReVIVE PowerUP NG6 has a maximum output of two amps from each USB port. Please keep in mind, larger devices like tablets or power intensive smart phones may not charge if they require more than 2 amps.
    • When you plug your device into one of the USB ports, does it begin to charge?
  • Please try both USB ports.
    • Does your device charge in either of the ports?
  • Please try using a different charging cable in each port, if you have a spare.
    • Does your device charge now?
  • If your device is still not charging, please try using a different device.
    • Does a different device receive a charge when plugged into one of the USB ports?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.