No sound coming from ENHANCE GXH1 Gaming Headset

  • The ENHANCE GXH1 Gaming Headset should be plug and play, if you plug the headset in and get no sound, please unplug the headset and plug it back in.
    • Does the headset work now?
  • Make sure the sound on your computer is turned up as well as turning the volume up on the control pad of the headset.
    • Does turning the volume up solve your troubles?
  • If you're still not getting any sound, please try plugging the headset into a different USB port on the computer.
    • Do you hear sound now?
  • While the headset is plug and play, you may need to change settings on the computer. Go into your sound settings or preferences. If there is an option for sound output, make sure it is set to USB output. There may also be different settings specific to whichever application or game you are playing. Please check in game/in application settings as well.
    • Is there a setting to change and if so do you get sound now?
  • If you're still not getting any sound, please try the headset on another computer.
    • Does the headset work when plugged into a different computer?
Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.