When using with coupler to connect headphones, volume can not be adjusted.

  • Try disconnecting the coupler and then reconnecting it.
    • Does this allow the volume to be adjusted?
  • Pair the BlueGate to a different Bluetooth enabled device.
    • Are you able to adjust volume when paired to a different device?
  • Plug in a different pair of headphones into the coupler.
    • Does this solve the volume adjustment problem?
  • Lastly, try unpairing the BlueGate, clearing it from the device list, then pairing it again.
    • Are you still not able to adjust the volume?

*** NOTE *** Volume of media being played can only be controlled directly through the paired device, if the headphones that are plugged into the coupler have inline controls they will not work.


Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.