Battery life issues with the BlueGATE RXT

Note: Please make sure the BlueGATE RXT is fully charged before first use. The BlueGATE RXT should be plugged in and left to charge for 2 hours to attaint a 100% charge. For best results, during the first 4-6 uses, do not plug the BlueGATE RXT back in to charge until it has been fully drained of it's power. Following this process will exercise the internal battery for optimal battery life.



  • The BlueGATE RXT should last for 6 hours when used as a Bluetooth receiver and 11 hours when used as a Bluetooth transmitter, assuming operation began at a 100% charge.
    • Does your BlueGATE RXT have the battery life explained above, on a full charge?
  • If battery life is shorter than advertised, please exercise the battery. To do this, fully charge the BlueGATE RXT and then fully discharge the device by using it before plugging it back in to charge. Repeat this cycle 4-6 times.
    • Does the battery life improve after exercising the battery?
  • If the usage times above are not sufficient for your needs, you can permanently connect the BlueGATE RXT to USB power using the included Micro USB cable and a USB port.
    • Will leaving the BlueGATE RXT plugged into power solve your runtime issues?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.