BlueGATE RXT is not charging


  • Before first use, the BlueGATE RXT should be charged for 2 hours to achieve a 100% charge. Use the included Micro USB cable to charge the device. When the charging cable is inserted, the red LED next to the Micro USB port should be illuminated.
    • Do you see a red LED when the BlueGATE RXT is plugged in to charge?
  • If the BlueGATE RXT does not appear to be charging, please try plugging the Micro USB cable into a different USB port. You can either use a computer's USB ports, or a 5 volt 1 amp AC USB adapter (not included).
    • Does switching to a USB different port or using a AC USB adapter solve the problem?
  • If the BlueGATE RXT is still not charging, please try using a different Micro USB cable. The charging cable that comes with the BlueGATE RXT is universal, any Micro USB charging cable will work.
    • Does using a different Micro USB charging cable allow the BlueGATE RXT to charge?

Please contact customer service if the troubleshooting above does not solve the problem.